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Affordable & sustainable - why buying preloved and outlet clothes is better for the planet and your pocket

We're proud to sell preloved fashion, as well as past season outlet clothes that would otherwise be heading to landfill. Here's seven reasons why buying second hand clothes is the way forward:

1. Affordability

Get your favourite brands at a fraction of the original rrp. Quality fabrics and designs can be passed on to second or even third homes. Whilst fast fashion is cheap, it has very low longevity and will end up discarded way before most higher quality brands. Second hand stores like Holleo stock the best of preloved, with minimal signs wear or damage.

2. Become more eco conscious

We’re often reminded to take better care of our precious planet. 360,000 tonnes of clothing textiles are thrown away in the UK every year. The average item of clothing is only worn 10 times before being discarded. Buying preloved clothes is a small but easy way to support ‘slow fashion’. 

3. Find unique pieces or rediscover past favourites 

Did you love a certain brand or style in the past? Searching for a preloved version opens up years of fashion movements, fabric, designs, brands and tastes.

4. Keep items in circulation for longer

Circular fashion promotes keeping clothes in circulation for as long as possible, then disputing of these responsibly - via composting or turning them into new items. Fast fashion on the other hand, sends tons of textiles to landfill, polluting our planet.

5. Second hand clothes are becoming more accessible

Online stores such as Holleo bring you so much choice, whilst adopting the same buyer experience as regular retailers. Items can be tried on in the comfort of your own home, and returned for a refund if necessary. Also, Holleo offers to buy back your nursing wear bundles, proving they are in a good resealable condition. So you really can't go wrong.

6. Outlet shopping - brand new pieces at low prices.

Large retailers don’t have the capacity to hang on to last season pieces, over runs or clearance stock. Holleo buys the best of these and passes the savings on to our customers. We’ve learnt that some brands actually burn their end of line pieces to protect the brand name. After polluting the planet to produce these, it seems outrageous to then dispose of them in this extra polluting way.

7. It's more fun to shop preloved!

There's nothing like the thrill of shopping preloved - finding a unique item at a fraction of the original price is super exciting! Holleo adds new items every day, so there's always something new and exciting to discover.

When you shop at Holleo you are also supporting a small business - we really appreciate each and every order.