About Holleo
After giving birth we tend to feel at our most vulnerable. We have created this most precious bundle which needs us 24/7. But we still need taking care of too. 

In the words of Sophia Amoruso (founder of Nasty Gal):

'Clothing is ultimately the suit of armour in which we battle the world'.

As a lover of fashion I was amazed by the lack of exciting nursing clothing available. The price/style/functionality were never quite right. I wanted to regain my identity and still feel like me whilst my body's shape and size was forever changing. I have always believed we express ourselves through our clothes. 

Our aims for Holleo.com
Nursing clothing should make feeding easier and be a joy to wear.
Breastfeeding whilst satisfying a love of fashion and still feeling like 'me'.

Recycling styles which work so well.
Enjoy your shopping experience with us.