Top 10 nursing clothes

We’ve compiled our top ten nursing wear pieces – based on years of selling nursing wear to hundreds of Mums, my own experiences as a breastfeeding Mum of two, and input from our customers. Whether you are pregnant and wondering how to prepare your breastfeeding clothing, or just want to add a few key pieces to your nursing wardrobe, I hope you find this list useful.

1. Nursing bra

A couple of quality nursing bras are essential. There are a few designs and styles to choose from…my favourite has always been this one. The strap has a nursing clip which can be undone one handed (so helpful when you’re holding a hungry baby!). The cup drops down leaving the top of the breast covered. This provides maximum coverage when feeding in public or via the FOO (see nursing tops!) method.

2. Vest tops

Wear these alone, or as a key to layering up regular tops. Nursing vests have clips on the straps, much like nursing bras. For extra support look for vests with a built in double layer. Regular vests with extra stretch or elastane content can work well too. Simply pull down for feeding access.

3. T-shirts

Nursing specific tops have been designed especially for breastfeeding. These come in various types – double layer where you lift the top layer, with nursing access cut into the bottom layer. There’s also wrap chests with a modesty panel, and lift the flap styles too. Some brands have inserted zips into just the right position for breastfeeding, like this top below.

Nursing friendly tops are regular womenswear which also work well for breastfeeding. So wrap styles, buttoned, zip and popper fronts. Stretchy fabrics with a low cut neckline allow you to FOO (flop one out!), although this isn’t for everyone if you prefer a more discreet style.

4. Sleepwear

It’s a fact that you’ll never see so much of the night once you have a baby…those newborns can’t get enough of Mummy time day or night. You’ll benefit from the comfiest nightwear possible, with quick one handed nursing access. These lilac pyjamas have an adjustable waist for ore and post natal wear, plus a loose fit double layered nursing top. Just £6!

If you prefer a nightie, buttoned or popper fronts are so useful. This ex M&S star print night dress is ideal.

5. Hoodies

Winter nursing can be a cold time….a good warm hoodie is a key piece for keeping warm. A nursing specific hoodie like this one has a flap front and then cross over under lining. Keeping as much covered (and snug) as possible. These also make amazing lounge wear, for all the nesting and days in to come.

6. One piece outfits

A trusty onesie with front access (zip or button chest) will keep you warm and oh so comfy. Plus one with pockets is an extra bonus – for all those Mum essentials! These double up as extra cosy winter pyjamas or coming home from hospital outfits too!

A soft pair of dungarees also make amazing nursing wear. Look for stretchy jersey ones like these with open sides or straps that untie. You’ll be lounging and doing the school runs in these.

7. Sports wear

Often just wearing sports wear around the house makes running round after the tiny ones that bit easier. A decent sports nursing bra will be so helpful, especially for mum and baby fitness classes.

8. Occasion wear

We all want to look our best for those special weddings and christenings…with babies in tow we need  a dress that looks fantastic and is easy to feed in. A wrap style like this spotty Wallis dress works really well. Take along an oversized muslin to drape over your shoulder if you feel more comfortable covering your upper chest.


9. Swim wear

Family holidays and Mum and baby swim classes are prime public feeding times…so a zip, wrap or low cut swimsuit makes life a lot easier in these situations.

10. Work wear

When you return to work or simply need to look smart, dresses and blouses are your friend. You may need to pump at lunchtime so a quick easy access top will save a lot of hassle. This smart button front tunic by White Stuff is a smart piece that you can wear to the office or at home.

Thank you for reading this nursing wear blog. All items pictured are available at Holleo – just click each picture for its link💖

Happy boobin’


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